Roon’s $Whale Journey — A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Where do I begin?

HODL, Liquidity Pools, NFT, Gas Fees, Mint, Defi, Yield Farming, Staking, Protocols, Blockchain, Fiat, and more. These are the terms that, this time last year, I had never heard of let alone used in speak amongst friends. While I now know the definition of a few of these terms, there are still many more on this list and not listed that I still have a hard time understanding. You know me as Roon and this is where $Whale comes in.

Before I get to that though, let's travel back in time to 2012. I was knowledgeable of Bitcoin but never researched or learned what it actually was. A friend of mine had just bought some and advised me to do the same. I had $500 and was about to pull the trigger on the purchase but thought that I should communicate it to my then-wife. Big mistake. Needless to say, I did not buy and regret it to this day. Flash forward to July 2020, two of my co-workers, who goes by Decryptolorian and Grevinator had stumbled upon a game that they were going to purchase land from, League of Kingdoms. We have a group chat among us, and they were talking to me about this game. An auction was about to occur for this land, and they were explaining to me the process. I wanted to join in but could not afford to purchase any. I am a husband and father of 4 kids ranging in ages from 3 to 18 years old, I can barely afford to make ends meet as it is. While I did not purchase any land, I was very intrigued by the process and the thought of virtual land for sale and wanted to learn more and play whatever way I could.

League of Kingdoms, this is where it all begins. The entrance to the rabbit hole that is crypto began with this game. I’m a gamer at heart and was busy in Clash of Clans as a time sink. I quit that game and started with this along with Decryptolorian and Grevinator. I followed them both into a guild and met some great people. It was playing this game that the definition of crypto and blockchain was explained to me, literally. Grevinator, Decryptolorian, and I logged onto Discord with Alegria who then explained to me everything that he could about the crypto world. I thought this was extremely nice. Here is someone I don’t even know trying to help understand the basics of creating a wallet, swapping tokens, and exchanging fiat for tokens. This is when I was introduced to $Whale and my life has not been the same.


I was invited into the Discord group and attended my first stream and was introduced to many people that I call friends today. These people made me feel at home and most importantly made me feel like my constant “But, why?” questions were not stupid. They confirmed with me that you never stop learning in this journey. I realized I had a lot to learn and spent my time in the Discord server meeting new people and asking tons of questions. Along with the interviews, I learned a ton and learned that there is still so much more to learn. I still have a ton of questions and am unsure of a lot of terms, but I am confident I will be ok.

I immediately fell in love with the culture of gamification of learning crypto and rewarding participants in social games/gatherings on the server. I love poker and was immediately drawn to the (at the time) weekly poker games. I did pretty well and earned a lot of $Whale. Mind you that my only out-of-pocket contribution to crypto was an original $5 to obtain some $ETH. Everything else I earned via airdrops, poker, participating in events, marbles, and trivia night.

$Whale announced the introduction of H2P roles incentivizing HODL’ing $Whale and at first, I thought I would not be able to participate because of cost. It was not much at all but to this single-income husband and father during the pandemic it was a lot of money. I knew that if I did not pick up at minimum the #Dolphin role, I would not be able to play Poker and this was a big source of my entertainment, socializing (via even stream), and $Whale earnings. I was able to obtain the #Dolphin role and continue playing. I was able to enter contests and giveaways with my #Dolphin role and due to the H2P incentives, I was able to turn some of the $Whale into other forms of coins. Via $Whale, I learned of other projects that matched my values and that I believed in. I was able to convert some $Whale to $Mork, $1337, $B20 and $Skull. As a result, I was able to have a “diversified crypto portfolio”. Remember I am absolutely horrible when it comes to investing and money in general, so this was a very big deal for me. I also started learning projects supported by the $Whale community and obtaining some of my first NFT’s. I was able to sell a few that I was not fully attached to and also learned of NBA TopShots where I was able to sell some really big cards for quite a bit. I’m not a collector at heart, except for a few things, so I played NBA TopShots more like the World of Warcraft auction house, buying and flipping.

I have been able to raise this initial $5 into, as of this writing, over $6,000! This may not seem like a lot to some, but this is the most I’ve ever had invested and earned outside of work paychecks! I have learned not to panic sell when coins go down and to HODL and HODL hard. I have seen $Whale as low as $1 and as high as $50. Currently, it is at $24 but I know this is way undervalued, so here I stay.

I can honestly say that being in this community has changed me. I have learned so much about upcoming technologies, the importance of these and have opened my eyes to the world of digital art. I have found my passion for the arts and have devoted myself to learning how to draw and best utilize the tools I have available to me. I have minted my first NFT and feel very proud of that. It took me a lot of courage to do this and I do not regret it one bit. This community means the world to me and I have gained new friends from this server. I cannot wait until this pandemic is “under control” so that we can get together in person. It will be amazing to meet everyone face to face, share some hugs and laughs.

My first ever minted NFT

I am a proud, supportive, and thankful member of the $Whale Fam!



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Nick Lamphere

Father of 4, Husband and a simple man. I am into Photography, Videography, Digital Art and Crypto